Amante & Zahara

Tradition and innovation bring Amante and Zahara to life


We would like to give to our liquors the names, able to describe some of the features that made them unique.

The name “Zahara” has an ancient root that in the various Mediterranean cultures has the meaning of “flourishing”, “shining”. In Sicily it is the “zagara”, the citrus flower. It is a strong taste liquor, characterized by an intense aroma of lemon, thanks to the use of the best lemon peels of Limone Femminello of Siracusa IGP, used for infusion.

This Liquor can be used also for drinks; it should be served at room temperature or with ice cubes

Ingredients: water, sugar, alcohol, “limone di Siracusa IGP” (minimum: 50%), natural flavors

Alcoholic strength: 34%


The Amante owes its name to the softness and passion of his alcoholic notes. It is produced using the peels of our best mandarins.

It leaves a pleasant and intense citrus flavour and it can be used also for drinks, served at room temperature or with ice cubes.

Ingredients: water, sugar, alcohol, mandarins (minimun: 50%)

Alcoholic strength: 34%